Garfish Manly Restaurant
Garfish Crows Nest Lunch & Dinner Menu

Garfish Crows Nest Lunch & Dinner Menu

In addition to the seasonal menu displayed below, each Garfish restaurant also has a blackboard menu that changes daily with the freshest produce that we can source.

The blackboard usually features at least six species of fish that can be cooked to your liking and matched with your choice of garnish. You’ll be invited to view this menu when next you visit.


sourdough (nuts)
w/ extra virgin olive oil and za’atar4.00
grilled ciabatta
w/ garlic butter or w/ black olive tapenade4.00

rock oysters (min 4)

oyster natural (GF)each
w/ mignonnette dressing3.50
oyster crisp friedeach
w/ soy, mirin & ginger3.90
oyster shot (GF)each
w/ gazpacho3.90
oyster platehalf doz / doz
natural, crisp fried & shot21.00 / 41.00


grilled scallops (GF)
w/ roast pear caponata, grilled chorizo and salsa verde20.00
crisp fried soft shell crab
w/ chipotle mayonnaise18.00
salt & pepper squid (GF)
w/ chilli, garlic, coriander & lime16.00
seared, soy and sesame marinated tuna belly
w/ wakame, soy, mirin, ginger and shallot16.00
aromatic cured atlantic salmon (GF)
w/ purple basil, radish, fennel and pomegranate dressing18.00
chilli prawn salad
w/ crisp vermicelli noodles, pickled red onion, plum and ginger dressing20.00

vegetarian menu

saffron papperdelleentree / main
w/ butternut pumpkin, red onion, lemon & coriander pesto14.00 / 22.00
baby spinach salad (nuts)
w/ beetroot, goats cheese & pine nuts (vegan without cheese)12.00
vegetarian tasting plateentree / main
w/ selected samples adapted from the menu16.00 / 24.00

main courses

fish & chips
crisp fish in aged beer batter w/ tartare and lemon25.50
seafood tagine (nuts)
w/ roasted almonds, preserved lemon cous cous and green olive harissa30.00
snapper pie
w/ roasted garlic, sauce soubise & steamed broccolini34.00
glazed butterflied rainbow trout (GF)
w/ carrot puree and chickpea salsa32.00
aromatic madras fish curry (GF)
w/ coconut chutney and basmati rice28.00
braised beef cheeks (GF)
w/ pedro ximenez, baby roast autumn vegetables and byasser paste30.00


green salad w/ red wine vinaigrette (vegan)7.50
steamed greens w/ citrus hazelnut dressing (nuts)7.50
bowl of thick chips (GF)7.50
creamy potato mash (GF)7.50
rocket, pear, grapefruit and pecorino salad (GF)12.00
blackboard garnishes available as sides9.00


fig and barberry parfait (GF)
w/ toffee figs14.00
passionfruit panna cotta
w/ vino cotta wafers14.00
ginger and golden syrup pudding
w/ finger lime and coconut chantilly cream14.00
chocolate selection
w/ chocolate ice cream, chocolate meringue and turkish coffee chocolate mousse14.00
selection of ice creams11.00
“affogato” (GF)
3 scoops vanilla ice cream, liqueur and coffee15.50
cheese plate
served with lavish, quince paste and fig jam1 pc / 9.00
2 pcs / 16.00
3 pcs / 24.00

belgian waffles

fresh belgian waffle served with your choice of
chocolate ice cream w/ honeycomb, marshmallow and strawberry jelly12.00
rum and raisin ice cream w/ caramelised banana and praline (nuts)12.00
hokey pokey ice cream w/ caramel and almonds (nuts)12.00
spiced pavlova w/ rosewater custard and cherry granita12.00