Garfish Manly Restaurant
Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and Feedback

If your experience at Garfish was good enough to talk about, then we’d love to hear more. Cast your Comment about your dining experience below and let us know what we’re doing right, so that we can keep on doing it!

If for any reason you’re experience wasn’t what you’d hoped for, we’d love to hear about that too, so we can improve on it.

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If you really want to spread the word, don’t forget you can also leave comments on third party sites like Eatability, Trip Advisor and Urban Spoon  – the more people sharing their love of Australia’s Best Seafood Restaurant, the better!

It’s a great way to get the word out there to people who may not have heard of us and don’t know what they’re missing. Plus it always sounds less fishy when it’s our customers saying it, not us.

You can also post comments on other social media sites like Facebook by using the comment box below or connect with Garfish on Twitter.

Or you can contact us via our enquiry form directly.

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