Craving some comfort food in this cooler weather?

Crows Nest Head Chef, Hamish, has created this Spiced bread & butter pudding w/ golden sultanas & ginger ice cream, which is new to the menu this winter.

It’s a unique bread & butter pudding recipe, using layers of thinly sliced sourdough. The sourdough is buttered with our house-made apple puree, made using rum, butter and fresh granny smith apples. For a hint of spice, cinnamon and fresh nutmeg are added to the egg mixture.

After baking in the oven for an hour, the pudding is left overnight and pressed into shape.

When it comes time to plate the dessert, we start with raisin puree, then add some squares of fresh Granny Smith apples, which add a sharp, crisp flavour to the dish. Then it’s time for some of our house-made apple chips. These are soaked in a sugar syrup and left overnight to dehydrate. Next is the crumble mixture, and a handful of sultanas that have been rehydrated in brandy. For a finishing touch, some more of the apple puree we used to create the bread & butter pudding.

And of course, don’t forget the ginger ice cream for that further hint of spice.

You can watch Hamish demonstrate how the dish is put together in the video below:


To see what else Crows Nest has on the menu this winter you can view our winter menu here. For bookings call 9966 0445.