Crows Nest Restaurant: Garfish

Crows Nest’s café style atmosphere is the perfect escape from the winter cold. We’re the ideal setting for a relaxed, quiet meal to warm you up after a long day or we even offer a tasty escape from the office if you’re in need of a change of scenery.

In this blog post we feature some of the new dishes on our winter 2013 menu.


grilled sardines w/ roasted chorizo, black eyed beans and chimichurri

Aromatic and fragrant are just two ways to describe this entrée, thanks to the bean and roasted chorizo flavoured with the chimichurri. It’s the ideal platform for the saltiness of the sardines, and the result is an honest, robust dish sure to satisfy.

coriander and juniper cured atlantic salmon w/ herb and pomegranate salad

Tired of everyone complaining about the cold? We like to mix it up at Garfish and this cold dish has been developed for you hardier winter folk. It’s a lighter entrée that’s good to share, which takes advantage of the fresh pomegranates currently in season. The salmon is cured to heighten the flavours and it’s a perfect start to any meal.


aromatic indian prawn curry (nuts) w/ basmati rice, mango chutney and raita

Who doesn’t love a good curry in the wintertime? This main is more about flavour than heat and you’ll find that it’s the mango chutney that delivers a punch (the chutney is made on-site). So if you’re looking for something with enough spice to warm up your day or night, this curry is a great choice.


warm sticky fig and treacle pudding w/ fig and brandy ice cream

This is comfort and richness rolled into one superbly sweet dessert. The pudding is light, but the caramel sauce and fig and brandy ice cream will enrich your tastebuds until you’re warm on the inside – the perfect winter dessert!

fresh belgian waffle baked alaska w/ apple compote and praline ice cream (nuts)

Start with a Belgian waffle, add some warm apple compote, then surround it with meringue baked and flambeed around the waffle, and finish with some praline ice cream. This dessert not only looks fantastic, it’s a delicious take on the traditional baked alaska – belgian style that is!

This post is part of our winter 2013 menu feature, read more about what’s available at other Garfish Restaurants.