Now you can have your steak and eat it too! Garfish Manly is now serving up an extended range of chargrilled meats as part of our updated menu. We do seafood well and now we do steak well too! (or medium rare, just let us know your preference). Only the finest selected meats cooked to perfection will have mouths watering when accompanied by our cellar selection of premium red wines.

A match made in heaven, will it be steak and red or seafood and white? Perhaps it will be both! mix things up a little with the addition of king prawns or Morten bay bugs to your steak for a surf and turf. Premium seafood and steak, does it get any better?!

Steaks and chargrill meats menu available exclusively to Garfish Manly.

Mothers Day at Garfish Manly, Kirribilli or Crows Nest

All Garfish restaurants are offering a specially tailored set lunch menu for mother’s day! You can view the menus or find out more at

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