Meet Mimi.

Mimi is our newest member of the Garfish Floor Manager team.

This month, we took Mimi aside to ask a few questions about her roots, her journey to Australia and what she loves most about working at Garfish.


1. Where are you from originally and what brought you to Australia?

“I’m originally from Slovakia, and I’d say the beach is what brought me to Australia. I love the sun, the warmth. I love the beach!”

2. How did you get into Hospitality and what made you choose Garfish?

“Since I was a student, I was always working somewhere; hotels, restaurants. It was in these early jobs that I found myself really liking hospitality. Why Garfish? Well, I fell in love the moment I stepped through that door. I love it here!”

3. What’s your favourite aspect of working at Garfish?

“What I really love and appreciate, working at Garfish, is that we are a family. We all take care of each other. So when you’re working, it doesn’t actually feel like work, because you’re around the people you like, which makes you enjoy what you do.”

4. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

“I love to do yoga early in the morning. I love to eat (my favourite food is seafood). A nice glass of wine, with friends, and definitely on the beach!”

5. What advice would you give someone wanting to work in hospitality?

“Be nice! And smile, all the time!”

Article by James Whaler
Jun, 2019