How a job at Garfish Restaurants can complement your university studies.

Finding a suitable job to fit around your university timetable can often be difficult. On one hand, earning some money to get you through your studies can be vital, but at the same time, you need flexibility, especially around exam times.

A job in hospitality may not be the first role that comes to mind. But at Garfish Restaurants, we’ve recognised the value students can bring to our team and we’re actively looking to fill casual positions in the lead up to our traditionally busy summer months.

Samantha Hoppe, an Economics/Law major at Sydney University, has been with Manly Garfish since January this year and is a perfect example  of what Garfish are looking for in an employee.  Sam was more than happy to share with us the benefits of working at Australia’s Best Seafood Restaurant whilst she’s completing her degree.

Garfish is the first restaurant Sam has ever worked for. She explains, “This is actually my first job and I’m the baby of the restaurant! For the first six months I was given the title of runner, which involved carrying things to and from tables.”

Sounds easy, right? Sam is quick to expand on this: “There was a lot to learn. There’s an entire system in place working behind the scenes that customers would have no idea about. For example, when things happen like a waitress unfolds a napkin on a customer’s lap, this sends a signal to the rest of the staff.

“Not only that, having a complete in-depth knowledge of the entire menu is quite daunting. Plus there’s sales tactics to learn too!”

Sam’s training was very structured and she was genuinely surprised by how supportive every member of staff were in getting her up to speed. “I still have memories of the management letting me practice carrying plates during the daytime when the restaurant was empty, so I could get used to it.”

After time spent working daytime shifts, Sam was given night shifts and then partnered with one of the more experienced waitresses. “It wasn’t just the managers that were supportive, other waiters were constantly helping me and wanting me to succeed. It helped reinforce that I was part of a team.”

These days, Samantha is a waitress with her own ‘section’ and enjoys it immensely. “The people and team environment are great and managers are really helpful and understanding about my university commitments. The overall atmosphere is enjoyable because not only do we have a great team our clientele are really nice as well.”

While juggling part time work and full time university study can be tricky, Sam already feels she’s gained a lot since joining the Garfish team. “I’ve found it a lot easier to talk to people because I’m interacting with people all the time at the restaurant and it’s definitely made me more confident.

“The other big thing is that its helped with my time management and prioritising. Finding time to work, go to uni, study and socialise takes some juggling to do well!”

With another four years study ahead of her, Sam looks forward to continuing to be a valued part of the Garfish team and perhaps relinquishing her ‘baby’ status at the Manly restaurant in the not too distant future.

If you think you might be suited to a position with Australia’s Best Seafood Restaurant, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us via our careers page here.