Crows Nest Garfish is café style dining at its best and our alfresco atmosphere means you can enjoy the weather while you eat.

We’re a popular choice to escape the office during the day, or as a relaxed venue to catch up with friends day or night. We’re also perfect for that intimate dinner for two.


Scallop ravioli w/ baby herbs and sauce vierge

This entrée is a Garfish creation, and we’re proud to say, completely house made. The fish mousse is encased in the freshly made pasta then set off by the sauce vierge of extra virgin olive oil, diced tomato, basil and coriander seeds. It’s the perfect lift to cut right through the roundness of the ravioli and upon tasting, we think you’ll appreciate the special effort involved in creating this dish.

Grilled prawn tacos with green chilli guacamole and corn salsa

It’s simple, but we think you’ll agree this entrée packs a punch. The fantastic flavours of the Australian king orawns are complimented by eshallots, avocado, coriander and a light spike of chilli. There’s no cheese or sour cream so dairy-free diners can enjoy this one too. It’s a great spring dish, perfect for alfresco dining and enjoying a relaxed meal.


Thai ‘jungle’ fish curry (GF) w/ ginger chutney, coconut and saffron jasmine rice

This main is a light curry, perfect for the warmer weather. We use a variety of aromatic spices, fish stock and jungle curry paste to set off the flavours of the white fish. It’s refreshing, rather than heavy, and doesn’t use any coconut milk. Instead we add a dash of coconut to the saffron jasmine rice and a side of ginger chutney to deliver a main that is full on taste, but never heavy.


Fresh Belgian waffle served with cheesecake meringue w/ strawberries, port and balsamic jelly

This dessert is certainly a combination worth trying. The cheesecake meringue is baked in the oven, until it has a crispy outer shell, and smooth, creamy cheesecake filling on the inside. This dish is rounded out by the reduction of port and balsamic jelly, which add a contrasting acidity to the sweetness of the meringue and the Belgian waffle.

Morello cherry and vanilla parfait w/ griottines and filo wafers

This is a lively dessert well suited to the spring weather. The cherry and vanilla parfait is similar to ice cream, but lighter because it’s not churned. The griottines, which are morello cherries soaked in kirsh, add a richness and body to the parfait, and promise a sweet and refreshing finish to your meal.

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