Your name could be the key to eating free at Garfish lunchtime weekdays during April

For the month of April, your name could win you the opportunity to dine free at lunchtime when you bring along a friend.

Our already popular Dine n Dash weekly lunch specials have been a hit with our regulars, but we’re keen to spread the word far and wide. The deal is simple: a great main matched with a glass of wine for only $30. And every week we offer a new delicious Dine n Dash special to keep you coming back.

Duing April, at the beginning of each week we’ll be announcing the names for that week – a different name for every week day.

To dine free, here’s what you need to do

  • Turn up to any of our Garfish restaurants on your assigned day, with proof of ID, and
  • Bring along one (or more) friends who are prepared to pay in full for our Dine n Dash lunchtime special

This will qualify you for a free Dine n Dash lunchtime special – it really is that simple!

To find out if you’ve won the opportunity to dine free at lunchtime at Garfish, check this page each week for your name or lookout on Facebook or Twitter as we’ll be publishing the names there as well.

The offer is open to everyone, so even if your name isn’t announced, you might know someone who is. Be sure to do them a favour and let them know their name has been announced and tell them to get on down to Garfish on the specified day – maybe they’ll agree to bring you along!

Name for Monday 30th April

  • Kim / Kym

Names for week starting 23rd April

  • Monday – Karen
  • Tuesday – Paul
  • Wednesday – Alice
  • Thursday – Matthew
  • Friday – Helen

Names for week starting 16th April

  • Monday – Michael
  • Tuesday – Jennifer
  • Wednesday – Stewart
  • Thursday – Rebecca
  • Friday – Tim

Names for week starting 10th April

  • Tuesday – Dave
  • Wednesday – Sue
  • Thursday – Peter
  • Friday – Sarah

Names for week starting 2nd April

  • Monday – Joanne
  • Tuesday – Mark
  • Wednesday – Kylie
  • Thursday – John
  • Friday – Michelle

Terms and Conditions

The Garfish ‘What’s in a name? Dine n Dash’ April campaign commences on Monday 2nd April 2012 and concludes Friday 27th April 2012 and applies to weekday lunchtimes only (Mon-Fri). Five different names will be announced at the beginning of each week on our blog, Facebook and Twitter. Each of the names will apply to a different day from Monday through to Friday only.

If your name is announced and you attend any of our three Garfish restaurants in either Manly, Crows Nest or Kirribilli on the specified day at lunchtime you will be eligible for a free Dine n Dash lunchtime special, provided you supply evidence to our staff of your name and you must dine with a friend who selects either our Dine n Dash special for that day or orders a minimum of $30 from our standard menu. You must be prepared to supply your contact details to be added to our database if you are not already.