While Sydney is currently doing its best to hold onto the warm days, autumn is now upon us and this means it’s time to feature some of the best of the season in our revised seasonal menu. From prawns, mussels and squid to a delicious range of autumn fruits and vegetables, each Garfish restaurant has something to offer as the days grow shorter.

So, be sure to come out and enjoy the relaxed harbour vibe at Manly or the al fresco atmosphere at Kirribilli and Crows Nest, and soak up what’s looking to be an Indian summer, while it lasts.

Follow these links for a quick overview of the new menu at each Garfish Venue:

For the meat lovers…

braised lamb shank terrine w/ salsa verde and spiced yoghurt dressing – entree (Crows Nest)

This tasty meat dish is the first in our selection to make it to the entrees and should satisfy those with a craving for the red stuff (we won’t get offended, we promise). The lamb is picked off the bone, pressed into a terrine, then sliced and paired with a sharp, green salsa verde sauce and spiced yoghurt dressing.

twice cooked pork belly w/ patatas bravas, apple and chilli salad

This is a popular dish around town at the moment and just because we’re seafood lovers, doesn’t mean we won’t try something different. You’ll enjoy the pork belly which is poached, pressed then roasted (hence, the twice cooked label), paired with sautéed kipfler, tomoatoes and pepper or what we in the industry like to call, patatas bravas.

Desserts to dine for!

Self-confessed seafood lovers we may be, but we can’t go past a good dessert, particularly with the cooler evenings on their way. Our chefs will hit your sweet tooth with this season’s offerings of accessible, comforting dessert dishes. Here’s what we’ve got in store:

coconut rice pudding w/ caramelized banana and berry compote (Kirribilli)

This creamy, but not too heavy, dessert delivers a soothing taste sensation made with Arborio rice and coconut, then blended with warming spices like lemongrass, star anise and ginger. Top it off with caramelized banana and a smattering of berries and this one’s too sweet to be true!

passionfruit cheesecake w/ white chocolate cream

Everyone loves a good cheesecake and Kirribilli is no exception. This one is cold set (not baked) and is simple yet delectable with passionfruit and enriched with white chocolate truffle.

saffron poached pear w/ green apple sorbet and apple crisps (Crows Nest)

‘Tis the season for pears, so we we’re loathe to let this gem go unnoticed. The saffron poached pear combined with the apple makes for a refreshing end to your meal at Garfish.

warm quince and frangipane tart w/ clotted cream (Crows Nest)

This warming dish of quince, which is currently in season, paired with the frangipane tart made with a blend of eggs and almond, is sure to end your meal with a sense of quiet satisfaction.

chocolate tasting plate w/ belgian chocolate tart, chocolate marquise and chocolate ice cream (Crows Nest)

Chocolate lovers alert! If your idea of heaven involves chocolate, then you’ve arrived with Crows Nest’s delectable chocolate dessert this autumn. It’s made with chocolate, chocolate and some more chocolate. Need we say more?

walnut crusted, honey poached pear spiced gingerbread and ginger caramel sauce (Manly)

This autumn fruit is rolled in crushed walnut, drizzled with ginger caramel sauce and accompanied with spiced gingerbread. It’s light, textured and promises a sweet spicy end to your meal.

double chocolate brownie w/ peanut butter ice cream, salted caramel sauce and peanut brittle (Manly)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better for the chocolate lovers, you haven’t yet tasted our double chocolate brownie. It’s a light, fudgy brownie with a distinct crunch factor due to the peanuts. It’s deliciously decadent and yes, it means if you’re a chocolate lover you’ll need to visit both Manly and Crows Nest this autumn to be satisfied.

Belgian Waffles (Manly):

Now it’s the waffle lover’s turn. This autumn you can’t go past:

cookies and cream ice cream w/ spiced plum compote (Manly)

Our cookies and cream ice cream is paired with the autumn spiced plum atop our Belgian waffles – and yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

orange and cardamom ice cream w/ rhubarb and brandy anglaise (Manly)

If you’re looking forward to the cooler weather and in the mood for waffles to warm and fill you, then this is the dessert for you.

Follow these links for a quick overview of the new menu at each Garfish Venue: