Think Garfish is all about seafood? Think again. Our chefs at Garfish Manly understand the importance of comfort food, and now that winter is here they’ve created a delicious line up of winter desserts guaranteed to help you forget the cold.

Once you’re at Manly, our heaters will keep you toasty warm and you can sit back and indulge in some sweet, warming treats, just like these ones. Take a look:

Chocolate lover? Try our dark chocolate and raspberry pave w/ hazelnut macaroon and praline this winter.


Our spiced gingerbread and poached rhubarb w/ frangelico parfait and rhubarb syrup is sweet and spicy.


And it’s not winter without sticky date pudding: sticky date and walnut pudding w/ butterscotch ice cream and white chocolate sauce.


Our belgian waffle w/ apple, rhubarb crumble and gingerbread ice cream is pure comfort food.


Here’s a fun dessert: ‘strawberry jam doughnut’ semifreddo w/ honeycomb and cinnamon sugar. It may not look like a dougnut but we promise you’ll love this dish for it’s sweet, doughy goodness.


And for the grand finale, if you like a sweet, choc mint dessert, our belgian waffle w/ chocolate mint ice cream and fresh strawberries will satisfy.


You can view Garfish Manly’s full winter menu here. For bookings call 02 9977 0707.