Head chef, John, at Kirribilli isn’t quite ready to give up on the warmer weather yet, so you’ll discover a range of dishes that cleverly maintain a light approach while introducing some of the best that autumn has to offer. Here are some quick highlights.


beetroot cured atlantic salmon w/ avocado mousse, radish and watercress

A cold dish, the accompaniments create a decadence and richness that is hard to beat  – or should we say, beet?! As you may have guessed, beetroot is currently in season and cleverly matched with the creamy avocado mousse, then contrasted with the texture of the raw, red radish. This simple dish combines an unbeatable combination of complimentary flavours and is not to be missed.

 seared scallops w/ parsnip and vanilla puree, roasted pancetta

Scallop lovers also can’t go past this dish. It includes another autumnal vegetable – parsnip –worked into a smooth and satiny vanilla puree. Throw in the salty flavours of the scallops and the soft punch of the pancetta and it creates an altogether delectable entree that’s light, salty and sweet.


It’s worth mentioning two Garfish regulars at this point: our delicious crisp fried, whole Barramundi with bok choy and three flavour sauce, which is leaving a lasting impression with its sweet, sour and slightly spicy combination. Also, our ever reliable and tasty Snapper pie which is the perfect comfort food as the days grow shorter.

seafood laksa w/ prawns, squid, mussels, fish, asian greens and vermicelli noodles

This memorable dish highlights some of the best autumn seafood, including prawns, squid and mussels. The laksa is our own paste – a Garfish creation made from scratch to blend seamlessly with the seafood and bring out their unique flavours.

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