Often when you’re visiting a city or indeed living in a city it’s great to be able to plan an outing that costs very little or nothing at all. On your part you invest your time and the city well it just allows you to soak up some of its atmosphere.

Sydney represents great value from this perspective, there are a lot of things you can experience just by visiting the right places. Recently we wrote about a Manly Ferry day trip, another iconic day trip is to walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sure, you can do the Bridge Climb or visit the pylons that are north and south of the bridge but you can also outlay no money at all and simply walk across it.

If you’re visiting Sydney and staying in one of the many hotels located in the CBD or you’re a local looking for a fun day out, read on.

Starting from the CBD side of the bridge you head down to the Rocks and look for The Bridge Stairs, they are located near Gloucester Street and Cumberland Street (see the map below).

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These stairs will take you up to the main deck of the bridge where you can simply walk across to the northern side. You’ll want to make sure you remember your camera as there is always some good photo opportunities, obviously the Opera House will be a favourite but when you’re in the middle of the bridge you have a great clear view down the main harbour.

The pedestrian path is on the eastern side of the bridge so you’re looking toward the east as you cross, making it great to take photographs down the harbour, out to the harbour heads.

Once you are across the bridge on the northern side it is a short stroll to the harbour side suburb of Kirribilli, which is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘good fishing spot’. It’s true that even today it is just that. Garfish Kirribilli is located in Broughton Street (see map below) and while you don’t have to catch the seafood you can experience the best in Sydney seafood to help you recover from the walk, or if you like to build up your strength to walk back! In reality the walk across is not far, nor strenuous but consider making a day of it and having a seafood pit stop.

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So, you’ll need:

  • Print the two maps on this page, really it’s not hard once you’ve found the Bridge Steps you can’t go wrong
  • Easy walking shoes
  • Camera
  • Garfish Kirribilli’s phone number 02 9922 4322, call us when you’re on the way and we’ll have a table waiting for you!