The staff at Garfish, Manly, have decided to welcome the summer months with a slightly different approach to the ‘silly season’.

As restaurant staff, we are well aware that, along with the sunshine, comes the busiest few months of the year for our industry.

This year, we’ve decided to save our own partying until after the busy period. Instead, we’re gearing up for Christmas in a much more productive and healthy way…

In an effort to get in shape for a huge summer in Manly, the owners of Garfish have employed a personal trainer for the staff!

Mike Nolan, who also works behind the bar at Garfish, is a qualified personal trainer. Twice a week, at the crack of dawn, he now puts the staff through their paces at our very own Garfish BOOTCAMP! Beach runs, ocean swims, you name it, Mike has got us doing it!

In addition to Bootcamp, the owners have also decided to supplement our daily staff meals with a very generous weekly delivery of fresh fruit for the staff. Every Wednesday, our fruit and veg supplier delivers boxes and boxes of apples, bananas, pears, pineapples and watermelons for us all to enjoy. Longer hours, and busier shifts (and of course Garfish BOOTCAMP) means hungrier staff! What better way to stave off the cravings than with a big bowl of fruit salad.

We’re also looking forward to purchasing a fancy new water filter for everyone to enjoy. No more fast food and soft drinks for us!

The Garfish staff are getting fruity this year, instead!