There’s plenty of dishes not to be missed on Manly’s autumn menu, like this entree of Grilled scallops w/ black pudding, spiced apple puree, hazelnut crumble & baby cress.

Watch our Manly head chef, Michael Nash, demonstrate how the dish is created below:

First Michael takes four grilled scallops brushed with butter, then places them on a hot grill. The effect is a really nice caramelisation creating beautiful colour on either side of the scallop.

Next, he sautees the black pudding in a hot pan. To this he adds hazelnut butter, combined with eschallots, thyme, hazelnuts and lemon juice.

For the spiced apple puree, this has been created ahead of time using lots of apples peeled and cored, then sauteed with spices such as cloves, cardamon, cinnamon, as well as brandy and butter, and a small amount of apple juice.

To present the meal, Michael uses the spiced apple puree as a base, then places the scallops, followed by black pudding and hazelnut crumble sprinkled over top. The finishing touch is a combination of baby micro cress, water cress, parsley and basil to add extra flavour.

We think you’ll agree this entree is a delicious fusion of flavours, and not to be missed this season.

Manly autumn menu preview

Flowers with salmon MFor other dishes on our autumn menu at Manly, take a look at our blog post here.

As well as some other delicious seafood dishes, our popular zucchini flowers entree is back. There’s also a great selection of dishes for non-seafood eaters.


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten dessert!

Lemon curd tart MWe might be known for our award-winning seafood, but our chefs aren’t going to be outdone when it comes to delivering a sweet finish to our customer’s dining experience.

This autumn there’s a tempting range of desserts using the best produce of the season like a mouth watering Pavlova w/ poached pear, salted caramel sauce and almond brittle or a Deconstructed lemon curd tart w/ fresh berries and raspberry ice cream.

And of course there’s always something for the chocolate lovers. You can view Manly’s autumn desserts here.

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