Garfish Manly head chef, Mike, and Executive Chef, Stewart, demonstrate a new entree from our Spring menu: yellowfin tuna ceviche w/ avocado, coconut, lime, flying fish roe and fried wontons.

This refreshing new dish marries yellowfin tuna, cucumber, and fresh mint with our ceviche dressing. This dressing is sweet, smooth and tangy, and uses a base of coconut cream, fish sauce and lime juice, combined with some lime leaf, palm sugar and eschallots.

We coat the tuna in the ceviche dressing and allow it to sit for twenty minutes while the acid in the lime juice cures the fish.

To finish we top with an avocado puree made with a hint of lemon juice, garlic and sea salt, then add a spoonful of fish roe. Fried wontons are served on the side to create a light and lively entree that’s an ideal spring starter to any meal at Garfish Manly.

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