Garfish Executive chef, Stewart, and Manly head chef, Michael, give you a taste of our new winter menu, demonstrating what is proving to be a very popular dish: chermoula marinated roasted king prawns.

As Australia’s Best Seafood Restaurant, we believe in sourcing only the freshest produce and the the king prawns in this video are no exception. They were sourced from the Spencer Gulf of Port Lincoln, Adelaide, which is the first authorised sustainable fishery in Australia.

The prawns are given their unmistakable flavour using the chermoula, which is a North African marinade and is a blend of delicious herbs and spices. The prawns are then wood roasted to perfection in Manly’s wood roasting oven, and the dish is accompanied by a salad of chick peas, semi dried tomatoes and tahini yoghurt.

The winter menu at Manly also has on offer a range of other dishes guaranteed to warm you up, including our salt baked whole rainbow trout, our sweet corn chowder, and delicious desserts like our apple and rhubarb crumble.

See you soon!