Love was in the air last night across all three of our Garfish restaurants!

We loved spoiling our happy couples while they enjoyed each other’s company and indulged in some award-winning seafood as well as some sweet desserts.

Unfortunately our Manly customers who joined us for the second sitting were treated to some extra mood lighting when the power in the area went out!

We’d like to apologise again for the inconvenience this caused. Our Manly team were truly disappointed by this unforeseen event. Our staff always get very geared up on special occasions like this, and we appreciate how disappointing this was for our customers.

Despite this, we hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day with their loved ones and here’s a few snapshots from throughout the night.

#valentine #dinner #dinnerdate #garfish #crowsnest #valentines #garfishseafood @garfishseafood

A photo posted by Nada Abdel-Fattah (@nadze) on


 #valentines #crowsnest #garfish #dinnerdate #dinner #bestdessert #garfishseafood @garfishseafood A photo posted by Nada Abdel-Fattah (@nadze) on