Sustainable Seafood Day

This Friday, March 15 is Sustainable Seafood Day!

Garfish Restaurants support sustainable fishing practises and target fisheries or species that are not under threat, we also keep a close eye on wild fishery stocks and industry notifications regarding species proliferation or endangerment.

We are an account holder at the Sydney Fish Markets, our presence there allows Garfish, through its in-house fish processing business to keep a constant appraisal of the quality assurance guidelines and current restrictions by NSW Fisheries inspectors.

We endeavour to observe the guidelines advised by the Marine Stewardship Council by carefully selecting and monitoring what we buy on a daily basis.

This process allows us to continue to pass on to our clientele an appreciative variety of seafood at its best with consideration for generations to come.

We provide sustainable fishing guides in our restaurants for our staff to consult with guests, as well this information is available to the consumer in print and on the internet so the consumer may make an informed decision.

Where can you find out more?

On the lead up to and on Friday the Marine Stewardship Council are running an awareness campaign for the day, follow the hash tag #SustainableSeafoodDay on Twitter, or stop by the Sustainable Seafood Day page on Facebook here. You can also visit the Marine Stewardship web site here.