A lot has been happening at Garfish Kirribilli lately so here’s an update on the latest from our team:

Kirribilli is now hosting small functions

If you’re looking for an intimate venue close to the city and public transport, have you considered Garfish Kirribilli? Our professional yet relaxed dining atmosphere is the perfect option for small functions. Catering for between ten and fifteen diners, select from our a la carte menu to suit your occasion. And because we’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, our functions are available at any time of day. If you’re interested in holding your next event or celebration with us, please contact the restaurant directly on 02 9922 4322 and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Did you know Kirribilli is now taking bookings from 8pm?

In the past diners have been able to reserve tables between 6 and 6.30pm. We’ve recently reviewed our booking policy and customers will now be able to book tables from 8pm onwards as well. You can call us on 02 9922 4322 to arrange your table.

Garfish Kirribilli Restaurant

Drink and dine licence

Garfish Kirribilli recently obtained a Drink & Dine licence which allows us to serve alcoholic beverages separate to food orders. So if you’re planning a night out in the city and fancy a place to meet up beforehand for drinks, Kirribilli’s relaxed al fresco atmosphere is a great option. Or perhaps you’d like a quiet place to wind down after a night out? If you’re feeling peckish, our selection of desserts, including our Belgian waffles, might tempt you. Alternatively, Kirribilli also has a range of share plates on offer which are a good accompaniment.

Kirribilli’s menu changes monthly

And don’t forget, at Kirribilli, our chefs love to get creative and our menu changes monthly. You can view Kirribilli’s latest menu here.

For bookings call 02 9922 4322.

The team at Garfish Kirribilli look forward to seeing you soon.