What makes a great dining experience? Service? Food? Ambience?

We’ve decided to share with you some of the reasons why Garfish has been voted Australia’s Best Seafood Restaurant* two years running. We reveal some of what goes on behind the scenes at Garfish in order to make your dining experience one that you’ll remember, and hopefully, keep coming back for.

If you’ve ever been to our Crows Nest or Kirribilli restaurants chances are you’ll have seen or met, Carole, our Area Manager for both locations. Carole has been with Garfish for more than eight years and in her role as Area Manager, oversees all front of house operations including staffing and service delivery.

In a fast-paced, high turnover environment like Garfish, Carole explains the key factors to a great dining experience for customers. “The service needs to be quick and of a high standard, the product great, but most importantly, it needs to be consistent. The hardest thing can actually be maintaining the quality of service that you’re known for.”

For this reason, Carole believes a loyal customer base is a key indicator of success. “Garfish has a lot of regular clientele and our most valuable critics are actually our regulars! But that’s great, because the hardest thing is when someone goes away not having said anything at all. We’re always open to feedback, in fact, we welcome it.”

As well as encouraging feedback from customers, another ingredient for success is a solid training approach. Carole explains, “We have a very detailed ‘order of service’ linked to specific service indicators, which covers every aspect of front of house operations, and all new staff are instructed on this. But it’s not just the new staff that follow it – every single front of house staff member follows it, including myself.”

Carole laughs when describing this process and admits it’s been described in-house as the ‘McDonalds of Fish.’ Despite the solid process that operates behind the scenes, Carole encourages staff to be hands on and you’ll regularly see her out on the floor with her staff. “There’s an openness and friendliness to the service at Garfish, we’re very relaxed with customers.”

If loyal customers are a reflection of success, Carole believes staffing also says a great deal about a restaurant. “It’s a hard industry to work in and achieving work / life balance can be hard. I believe we understand that in our staff and for that reason we are fortunate to have a lot of long term service in our Crows Nest and Kirribilii restaurants.”

To make a booking: Crows Nest 02 9966 0445 Kirribilli 02 9922 4322

*Savour Australia Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence